What Is This?

This is a web site that is really just a home base, because nowadays you need a home base. Check out the "blog" for writing, "show dates" for when to see stand up comedy, and there will probably (ok, maybe) be more stuff coming soon. The timestamp on this says January 09 2016, but I'm actually writing this January 2, 2017 (update: I am actually now writing this on March 21, 2018. It's snowing a lot. I stand by my thoughts that you'll read below about this website from the previous year. Oftentimes I'll hate what I thought/said as the years go by, but the statement below still stands. Resuming 2017 thoughts in 3, 2, 1...). I got an email that the site was going to automatically renew, thought about cancelling it, but then figured that would represent some sort of death of dream. Not that this site is about dreams--that would be sad and naive. It's just about needing a place to direct people and have some sort of virtual apartment to show people. Like when you invite your friend to your place and are secretly thrilled to show them your sense of taste, but also spend the whole time hovering in secret shame, stressing that everything isn't totally there yet--that you're still working on figuring where to put the TV, and that you might save up some money to buy a painting. That's what this site basically is.

You can also check me out on Medium.com https://medium.com/@L.Pauker, and I'm decently active on Instagram @lance.pauker. For most up to the minute comedy stuff, follow the instagram.